We’ve got the experience required to make your vision a success.

An independent marketing and promotional company established since 2010. We have a good knowledge of the communities we serve.

At D-Vision Management is a strategic communications and marketing agency that provides public relations, content marketing, brand communications, corporate communications, events promotions and social media services.

Our marketing and advertising campaign is African community specific which allows us to penetrate the market that we serve. Clients are of Ghanaian / African origin looking for international exposure and international companies looking for a footing or a recognition amongst the diaspora, expatriate or the nationals at home.

We also do extensive work with challenger brands across financial and professional services, sports and entertainment, charity and hospitality and consumer industries.

Our emphasises are more than a content marketing and public relations agency.

Some of our best-known clients include MTN, Western Union, ADB Bank and MoneyGram.

Our unique advantage is in our ability to interact through various means from Events, Media, Forums and Community Activities.

We have access to promote your company, product and services to various outlets across the UK.

Our objectives

Our objective with every client we work with is to start with the end in mind, ensure clients have returns on their investment.

To promote your business or products to the community through strategic marketing programs to reflect in brand presence and exposure.

Our Aim

To increase awareness for Companies / Products / Services and increase their sales

Create beneficial social activities within the community that educate and keep the community unified

To Work in partnership with the community to promote cultural harmony and highlight the rich heritage and tradition of ethnic minority communities in the UK

  • Clearly identified market

  • Continuous market insight

  • 10 years experience

  • Specialist team

  • Proven results & success