We’ve got the experience required to make your vision a success.

An independent marketing and promotional company, we have collectively gained over ten years of services for our clients and various communities we serve in the UK.

Our primary objective is to promote your business or products to the community through strategic marketing programs to reflect in brand presence, exposure, unique selling propositions (USP), unit sales to ensure clients have returns on their investment (ROI).

Our marketing and advertising campaign is African community specific which allows us to penetrate the market that we serve.
Our unique advantage is in our ability to interact with the community through various means from Media, Outreach and Events etc.

We have access to promote your company, product and services to over 10,000 outlets across the UK.

Media solutions: PR, media planning & buying

Events: event concepts, management & logistics and protocol services

Below The Line (BTL) Services: producing souvenirs for activation: producing, printing of leaflets, brochures, event tickets, business cards and wrist bands

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  • Clearly identified market

  • Continuous market insight

  • 10 years experience

  • Specialist team

  • Proven results & success